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I Like Me
Submitted by Ann
I like me, I like me
I'm wild about myself and I like me,
I like me my pictures on the shelf
I take myself to the picture show
I take myself wherever I go
I like me, I like me
I'm wild about myself
Me Complete
Submitted by Lori
I have ten little fingers and ten little toes
Two little arms and one little nose,
One little mouth and two little ears,
Two little eyes for smiles and tears,
One little head and two little feet,
One little chin, that's me complete
My Name Is
Submitted by Jenni
My name is Ms Jenni, Ms Jenni, Ms Jenni,
My name is Ms Jenni, who are you.

Point at a child and have them continue. The song.

Where Are You
Submitted by Rebecca
where is (Childs Name) where is (Childs Name)
There he (she) is, there he (she) is
How are you today sir
Very well today, sir
Sit right down , sit right down.
Special Me
Submitted by Amy
Special, special, special me
How I wonder what I'll be
In this big world I can be
Anything I want to be
Special, special, special me
How I wonder what I'll be
I Am Special
Submitted by Danielle
I am special
I am special, don't you see?
Don't you see, someone very special.
Someone very special
Yes, its me, yes, its me
(You can substitute 'because God made me, God made me' for the last line)
No One Like Me
Submitted by Hollie
There's no one who is just like me,
No one who knows how to be:
Me when I am mad or sad.
Me when I am very glad.
There's no one who's just like me.
Me is who I'm proud to be
What's On A Face?
Submitted by Pam
Here's a face, Now let's begin
It has two ears, a nose and chin.
A mouth, two eyes, with a bushy brow
What's on a face? We all know now
I Am Special
Submitted by Susan

I am special, I am special
So are you, so are you
We can work together,
We can play together,
While we're at preschool
While we're at preschool
Yes we can, yes we can
Submitted by Daylene
I have two eyes to see with,
I have two feet to run,
I have two hands to wave with,
And nose I have but one.

I have two ears to hear with,
And a tongue to say 'good day!'
And two red cheeks for you to kiss,
And now I'll run away.

I Am Special
Submitted by Karen
I am special, I can learn
I can share and take my turn
I am special, I can be
A helper when my friends need me

There's No One Like Me
There is no one just like me
Look around and you will see
There is no one like me to be found

Some are short and some are tall
Some are big and some are small
I am very special because I'm me!

Stand Up and Turn Around
Submitted by Lisa
(Childs Name) stand up; (Childs Name) stand up.
Turn around; touch the ground.
Reach up really high now; jump to touch the sky (wow)
Now sit down, now sit down.
Your Important
Submitted by Tina
(Childs Name) is important, important, important.
(Childs Name) is important to you and me.
In work and in play, he does his best each day.
(Childs Name) is important to you and me.
Submitted by Heather
Hands for holding
Hands for shaking
Hands for giving
Hands for taking
Hands for counting one to ten
Hands for writing with a pen
Hands are helpful

But most of all
Hands are Handy
Two Little Hands
Submitted by Heather
Two little hands so clean and bright,
This is my left and this is my right.
My hands
Submitted by Heather
My hands can talk
In a special way.
These are some things
They help me say.
"Hello" (wave)
"Come here" (beckon with finger)
"It's A-OK" (make ok sign)
"Now stop" (hand out)
"Look" (hands shade eyes)
"Listen" (cup hand behind ear)
Or "It's far, far away" (point away)
And "Glad to meet you, how are you today." (shake neighbor's hand)
My Toothbrush
Submitted by Heather
I have a little toothbrush (use pointer finger)
I hold it very tight (make a fist)
I brush my teeth each morning,
and then again at night (pretend to brush teeth)
Opposites Board
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
You can create a texture board of opposites. For example, smooth fabric and rough sand paper. Light and dark fabric can also be placed flat on a texture board. You can use a flat piece of plastic cut from a frosting lid for hard and a piece of fur or silk for soft, etc.
I Have
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
I have ten tiny fingers
I have ten tiny toes.
I have two ears,
I have two eyes,
I have a little nose.
I have a mouth to open,
And tiny teeth to bite,
I have a tongue,
Within my mouth
I keep it out of sight.
Hands & Feet
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
My hands are clean
And ready to clap
One, two, three, four.
My feet are waiting for a sign
To jump upon the floor.
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