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Submitted by Karen
Fingerprint all of your children. Write the name of the corresponding child on their fingerprint. Place all of the fingerprints in one area with magnifying glasses. Tell the children to look closely and they will see that no one has the same print
Submitted by Fran
Place pictures of children showing different expressions (laughing, surprised, mad, crying, smiling, etc.) Put a mirror next to the pictures and let them try copying the expressions.
Measure Me
Submitted by Lisa
Give the children a string and scissors. Have one child lie down and let them measure how tall he is and then cut the string. Latter the children can compare their strings and show them to their families.
Where's Your Senses
Submitted by Cory
Trace your children on a large piece of paper. Have them either write, draw, or place stickers on the different places where their senses are (for instance draw a flour on your nose, a violin on your ear, etc.)
The Spine
Submitted by Beatrice
Explain to your children how the spine works, and then show them. Cut apart the sections of an egg carton and stack them putting tissue between each (cartilage). This stack will move similar to the way our spines do.
A Heart
Submitted by Andi
Show your children the pumping action of a heart by putting red colored water in a clear balloon. Put a straw in the balloon. When you squeeze the balloon water pumps out similar to the way it works in our bodies
My Heartbeat
Submitted by Kelli
Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own (tissue rolls). Let your children listen to each other heartbeats. Then have them exercise for a few minutes and listen to each other heartbeats again. See if they can tell a difference.
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