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Myself As A Puzzle
Submitted by Lori
Take pictures of your children with black and white film. Using a copy machine enlarge the picture to fit a normal piece of paper and then put the picture on tag board. Finally, cut the board into several different pieces and give it to your children. They now have a puzzle of themselves.
Special Bucket
Submitted by Gayle
Get a medium size bucket. About once a week send it home with your children. Have them bring an item that is special to them from home. During circle time take the item out of the bucket and talk about it with your children.
Class Mural
Submitted by Hollie
Have the children bring pictures of their families to class. You can then put all of the pictures on a mural and have a great class activity.
The Family Tree
Submitted by Susan
Have the children bring pictures of their family to class. Let the children draw a tree on the poster board. Next have the children paste the pictures on the tree. Now you have a cute family tree.
I'm Growing Up
Submitted by Carla
Take a picture of your children. Have your parents bring in a picture of your children as babies. Let your children try to guess who it is in the baby picture. If they can't get it then show them the current one. Finally make a bulletin board with the baby picture next to the current one.
Class Cookbook
Submitted by an Unkown Friend
Ask your parents to send a recipe from their grandparents as well as a picture (if no picture is available have the child draw one). Compile the recipes and give a cookbook to the parents.
Our Daily Body Parts
Submitted by Susan
Every Day go over the various body parts with your children. One fun way to do it is to start with their head and work your way down. For added emphasis, use cute sayings For instance our eyes blink, our nose beeps, our ears hear, our tows wiggle, etc.
All About Me Week Book
Submitted by Nina
During All About me week make a book. Just do these pages each day:
Day 1: A Self Portrait
Day 2: Put Blue and Green Fingerprints in a circle. Inside the circle write my fingerprints are different from everyone's in the whole wide world.
Day 3: My favorite color, make a collage of magazine clipping are of your favorite colors
Day 4: Put the childs handprint on a piece of paper, write the words to "I Am Special" on the page
Day 5: Write how old the child is, how tall the child is, and how much they weigh on a piece of paper
Silhouette Art
Submitted by Gayle
Use a bright light, a projector, or the sun and take a piece of construction paper and trace the silhouette of your children on the paper. Cut out the siloute and place a piece of black paper under it. Glue it onto a large piece of colored paper. Now let the children decorate the white frame
Where Did My Name Come From
Submitted by Betty
Send home a letter asking your parents where their child's name came from. Go over the origins in class and ask your children to guess what origin goes with who. Additionally, you can look up the meanings of all the children's name from a baby book and read them to the class
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