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Candle Scents
Submitted by Blair
Get two pairs of candles (with as different smells as possible). Blindfold one child and have them try to match the candle pairs.
Note: Do not store the candles together or their smells will mix.
Valentine Carnation
Submitted by Carmen
For a cute valentine Science project. Put a white carnation in a cup of red water (water with red food coloring) over a few days the carnation will begin to turn red, and continue turning as long as it is in the water..
A Heart
Submitted by Sallie
Show your children the pumping action of a heart by putting red colored water in a clear balloon. Put a straw in the balloon. When you squeeze the balloon water pumps out similar to the way it works in our bodies
Math Hearts
Submitted by Danielle
Give each of your children a small package of valentine hearts (the kind with the sayings on them) You can do many math and science activities with these
Fraction Hearts
Submitted by Amy
To help teach your children fractions. Have them cover a heart with small pieces of construction paper. Help them cover one half with green, one half red and white, etc.
Candy Box Numbers
Submitted by Hollie
Use an old Valentine candy box to create a matching game. In each compartment of the box glue a number. Then make small heart shapes with a corresponding number or dots on the paper.
My Heartbeat
Submitted by Tonya
Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own (tissue rolls). Let your children listen to each other heartbeats. Then have them exercise for a few minutes and listen to each other heartbeats again. See if they can tell a difference
Graph Hearts - Math Hearts
Submitted by Connie
Give each of your children a small package of valentine hearts (the kind with the sayings on them) Then you can have your children graph different things with the heats
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