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Tossing Hearts
Submitted by Rebecca
Using a Play Dough recipe have your children use cookie cutters to make heart shapes. Let the Play Dough Dry overnight. Let the heart shapes dry overnight and then spray those heart shapes with clear lacquer ( to strengthen the hearts). Once these are dry put a large heart shape candy box on the floor in your classroom (either in a carpeted area or put a blanket underneath it). Have your children toss the Play Dough hearts into the candy box.
Pass The Heart
Submitted by Lisa
Pass the heart around, pass the heart around.
Pass the heart along, pass the heart around.
Pass the heart around, as we sing this song.
It is Valentine's, it is Valentine's
It is Valentine's Day
It is Valentine's, it is Valentine's
And we pass the heart this way, when the music stops
When the music stops, and the heart is in your hand
When the music stops, when the music stops
Enter Valentine's Land
Note: Have paper hearts for your children to pass. When the music stops the child holding the heart goes and sits in Valentine's Land (a specific place in your classroom)
Heart Numbers
Submitted by Susan
Cut several large hearts. Cut the hearts in half (from the middle of the humps to the point) Then put a number on one half and a corresponding number of dots (or stickers) on the other. Have your children try to match the heart halves.
Candy Sort
Submitted by Amy
Put Valentines Hearts in an area and let your children sort them by color, words, etc. You can also use paper hearts to sort this way.
Heart Match
Submitted by Trish
Create a large heart on poster board. Divide the heart into nine sections. Cut out different colored hearts and paste one in each section. Cut out a match of each of these hearts and then let your children match the hearts
Valentines Bingo
Submitted by Laura
Play bingo with heart shaped boards and heart shape spot markers.
Valentine Cards Puzzle
Submitted by Iris
Glue large valentine cards on tag board. Cut them into puzzle pieces. Let your children try to put the puzzles back together.
What's On the Heart
Submitted by Candy
Cut one heart for every child in your class. Cut different interesting magazine pictures out and put them on a heart. Have your children pull hearts out of a bag and tell you what is on it (if they are older children have them pull the heart out and tell you what it is used for, or something that rhymes with the object, etc)
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