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How Long is a Whale
Submitted by Barb
Ask your kids how long they think the largest creature in the world is. Then get a long rope (about 100 feet) and have them unwind it. They will be amazed at how long a blue whale is. Next ask them how many of their lengths it would take to make a blue whale (You can actually do this if you have the time)
Weather Dial
Submitted by Tonya
Divide a paper plate into four different sections and draw a different weather day (sunny day, rainy day, cloudy day, and snowy day) in each section. Make an arrow and poke a hole through the center of the plate and arrow. On each day have a child look out the window and then change the weather dial to what the weather is that day.
Worm Aquarium
Submitted by Jenni
Go to your local fishing store and buy real live worms (or dig some up). You can then build a worm habitat in an aquarium in your classroom. Kids love to feel, touch, smell the worms. Caution: Watch kids closely as some will attempt to eat the worms.
Graph the Weather
Submitted by Alexis
Create a chart with sunny day, rainy day, cloudy day, and snowy day and graph the days weather for about a month. My children loved looking back and seeing around
What They Wore In the West
Submitted by Karen
Talk about what they used to wear in the old west days. Then provide your dramatic play area with clothes (Chaps, Cowboy Hats, Cowboy boots, Belt Buckles, Handkerchiefs, Jeans, Bandanas, etc)
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