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Weather Teddy
Submitted by Sarah
Make a teddy bear bulletin board. Make different changes of clothes for the bear. Change its clothes when the weather changes. Use the following poem on the board:
It's hot, hot, hot in the sun, sun, sun.
What should teddy wear to play in the sun?
It's cold, cold, cold in the snow, snow, snow.
What should Teddy wear to play in the snow?
It's wet, wet, wet in the rain, rain, rain.
What should Teddy wear to play in the Rain?
It's dark, dark, dark at night, night, night.
What should Teddy wear to go to bed at night?
Spaghetti Worms
Submitted by Ginger
After talking to your children about worms give your children cooked spaghetti for snack. Explain to them that this has a similar feel to worms. Note: Make sure to tell your students not to eat real worms.
Worms in Dirt Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Make dirt pudding by putting crushed cookies in chocolate pudding. Finally, add gummy worms for a great, tasty snack.
Wind Blown
Submitted by Victoria
Have your children sponge paint strips of construction paper. Attach multi-colored streamers to this and hang outside your window. Let your children watch the streamers blow in the wind.
Weather Music
Submitted by Gayle
During your weather theme play different weather CDs for your children Some CDs are:
Covered Wagon
Submitted by Hollie
On top of a table set up the poles for a small tent. Cover this with white butcher paper. In the front put stick horses.
Wanted Posters
Submitted by Wendy
For a cute bulletin board/gift idea make wanted posters of all your children. Their easy just use Beige Paper and lighly singe the edges with a candle. Finally paste a picture to the paper and write wanted at the top. At the bottom write a description of all of the fun things they do. Use a bulletin board title like "Wanted For Fun"
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