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Recycle Cans
Submitted by Ollie
Have your children save and bring in aluminum cans (make sure they are clean). You can collect these in a corner of your classroom. When you get a lot take them to your local recycling center and use the money to buy supplies to make a recycling book.
What Makes a Rainbow?
Submitted by Fran
Talk to your children about what makes a rainbow (light refraction on mist).
Different Shades of Rainbow Colors
Submitted by Barbra
Give a white ice cube tray to the child and fill the first three holes with red, yellow and blue water. Give the child an eye dropper (or medicine dropper) and let them mix the colors in the empty spaces. This will create many shades of colors.
Robot Usage
Submitted by Ginger
Show your children pictures of different ways that robots are used (surgery, computer labs, etc)
Rock Box
Submitted by June
Put several rocks in a shoebox. Cut a small hole (just big enough for a child's hand) in one side of the box. Let your children reach in and feel the box. Have them describe the shape, size, weight, and texture of the rock.
Rabbit Food
Submitted by Jane
Talk to your children about the different foods that bunnies eat and then have some for snack (Lettuce, Carrots, etc.)
Rabbit in the class
Submitted by Lori
If you or one of your children have a pet Rabbit bring it to your class and let all of your children pet and watch a real live Rabbit
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