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Diving Fish
Submitted by Tina
Take a clear two-liter bottle and draw sea shapes (seaweed, waves, etc) on the outside of it with a permanent marker. Fill the bottle mostly full with water. Next add about a 1/4-cup of white vinegar and 1 Teaspoon of baking soda to the bottle. Drop a small handful of raisins into the bottle. And then watch. The raisins will collect bubbles all around them from the vinegar and baking soda chemical reaction this will cause them to float to the top. Once the reaction calms back down they will sink back down and then form more bubbles (causing them to rise again!) This will repeat for up to a half-hour. This is so fun! My kids just loved it.
Fishing Net
Submitted by Janet
For a neat sensory activity hang a fishing net on one wall of your classroom
Fish Puppets
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Staple two large paper plates together (where the eating surfaces are facing) leaving an unstapled place large enough for a hand. Staple two small plates to each side of this opening (each plate is stapled to only one plate) Cut out a wedge from each of the small plates (to make this look like a tail) and curve them outward. Now let your children stick their hand through the fishes tail and use it as a puppet. Note: You can also let them decorate these anyway that they want.
What a Catch Bulletin Board
Submitted by Charlette
Attach your children's pictures and fish cut outs to a net with the heading "What a Catch"
Fire Fighter Visit
Submitted by Lisa
During Fire Safety Week invite the local fire dept. to bring the fire trucks to your school
Fire Truck
Submitted by Barbara
Make a Fire Truck out of a large box and an old water hose
Fish taste test
Submitted by Blair
Get as many different types of fish as you can and let your children taste a small portion of them. Note: check for any religious beliefs or allergies that may conflict with this activity.
Fire Station Visit
Submitted by Blair
Take your children to a visit to the fire station.
Fish in the Cup
Submitted by Betty
Make blue Jell-O and put in gummy fish.
"F" Snacks
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put the Flames Out
Submitted by Jenni
Get red and yellow sidewalk chalk. Draw flames on a sidewalk and let you children put them out with water bottles.
Florist Visit
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Take your children to a local florist to learn about what they do
Fire Fighters
Submitted by Carrie
Let your children pretend to be firefighters. You can use rope as the hose and an appliance box, table, or couch as the fire engine. For added effect provide coats and hats.
Fireman Uniform
Submitted by Carla
Create a fireman uniform by using a yellow raincoat and a plastic fireman hat
Fire Truck Cake
Submitted by Tina
Make a fire truck cake for snack one day
Family Day
Submitted By Cindy
Objectives: A family is a source of love and security for a young child. Children enjoy talking about their families, sharing stories and learning to be part of a family. There are all types of families: step-families, blended families, single parent families and foster families.

The children will:

Materials: Crayons, Markers, & Paper

Directions: Plan a "Family Day" with your class.

Begin by discussing members of each child's family. You may even want students to draw a picture of his/her family for display on "Family Day."
Ask students to make an invitation to members of their family to come to a special "Family Day." The teacher and/or administrator will need to predetermine the day and time of the event. Some suggestions include a breakfast, lunch, picnic (with games), or evening picnic.
On the day of the event, children can help make decorations and snacks for the party. When family members arrive, encourage children to introduce their family members to others.

Extension: Play charades, give each student a chance to act out something they enjoy doing with his/her family. Other students can guess what the child is acting out.

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