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Egg Float
Submitted by Tonya
Put a hardboiled egg in water. The egg will sink. Tell your children that you are going to add salt to the water and ask them what they think will happen. Once you stir in enough salt the egg will actually float.
Egg Fry
Submitted by Sarah
If you live somewhere that gets particularly hot. Take an egg outside and show your children how that you can fry an egg on asphalt. My children were amazed at this.
How tall and heavy is an elephant
Submitted by Tarah
Measure the weight and heighth of each of your children Then tell them how much a baby elephant weighs, tell them it would take the whole class to weigh as much as a baby elephant
What Liquids Do To Your Teeth
Submitted by Lisa
Put several eggs into different liquids (cola, milk, orange juice, etc). Discuss with your children what they think will happen to the eggs in the different liquids. Leave the eggs in the liquids for a couple of days. When you take it out the kids can see what the liquids would do to their teeth.
Egg Memory
Submitted by Jenni
Put several different colored Easter eggs in a egg carton. Show your children the eggs and then shut the carton. Ask them to remember what colors were in what location
A Dinosaur Egg
Submitted by Tonya
Put a boiled egg into vinegar for several weeks. The egg will become soft and leathery like a real dinosaur egg might have felt. You can carefully take it out and let your children feel a "real" dinosaur egg.
Elephant Food
Submitted by Julie
Find Several different Types of Food that Elephants eat (leaves, fruit, hay, peanuts, etc.)
Elephant Counting
Submitted by Helen
Make a circus ring and several elephant cut outs. Put some of the elephant cut outs in the ring. Then ask your children "How many elephants are inside the circus ring?" Then remove some of the Elephants and ask your children "How many of the elephants stayed inside (or left) the ring?"
The Animals That Come From Eggs
Sub. by an Unknown User
Talk to your children about all the animals that come from eggs (birds, snakes, turtles, fish, lizards, etc) They will be amazed at all of the animals that come from eggs. This goes great with the book: 'Chickens Aren't the Only Ones'
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