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Egg Match
Submitted by Bonnie
Make colored, numbered, lettered etc eggs and birds sitting on a nest with corresponding numbers, colors, letters. Have your children match them
Match The Eggs
Submitted by Karlie
Get an egg carton and color the inside (where the eggs sit) various colors. Have the children match the colors with those of Easter eggs and sort the eggs
Make Your Own Bird Nest
Submitted by Florene
Provide you students with mud, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and pebbles. Let you kids create their own bird nest.
Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Submitted by Lee
Hide plastic eggs (Dinosaur Eggs) on the playground or in the classroom and have a dinosaur egg hunt
Submitted by an Unknown User
Exercise with your children some fun exercises are
Feed the Elephant
Submitted by Jenni
Make an elephant buy painting and decorating a box. Cut out a mouth hole and let your children throw peanuts (still in the hull) into the elephants mouth to feed the elephant.
Elephants on a Tightrope
Submitted by Heather
Put a rope down in the center of the circle. Have a child stand on the rope while the class sings:
One elephant went out to play
On a tightrope string one day.
He had such enormous fun
He called for another elephant to come.

Add More children on the rope and then continue:
(Number) of elephants went out to play
On a tightrope string one day
They had such enormous fun, but . . .
The tightrope broke and they all fell down!
How Many Eggs
Submitted by Frances
Get a picture of a bird and make a nest. Write a different number on each bird. Let the kids place the correct number of eggs (corresponding numbers) into the birds nest.
Egg Sort
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
Cut out a materials, egg cartons and different colored playdough. have the children roll the different colored playdough as aggs and sort them in the egg carton.
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