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Celery Stalk Color Change
Submitted by Amy
Place a celery stalk in a jar of colored water. In a few days the stalk will begin to take on the color of the water. You can also split the bottom of the stalk in half and put each half in a different color water. Over time Each half will take on the color of the water.
Clothespin Math
Submitted by Lisa
Draw a clothesline across a sheet of paper with clothes hanging from it. Give your children ten clothespins each. Have them to hang up some clothes using four clothespins (they will place the four clothespins on the paper). Then have them hang up some more using five clothespins. Ask them how many clothspins they used. (They just added) Ask them how many are left. (They just subtracted)
Carrot on a String
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Core out the top of a carrot and put a hole in order to hang the carrot from a string. Hang it somewhere where it can get sun. Have children put water in the cored out top. In a few days your kids will love the results.
How Clouds Move
Submitted by Lisa
Talk to your children about how the wind moves clouds across the sky. Then ask them when they saw the wind at work...blowing dust, rain, a kite, etc.
Colored View
Submitted by Lisa
Cover a window with colored cellophane. Invite your children to look out of the window and see how the color changes their view. Each day cut out different colored celophane shapes and add them to the window. Point out the new color and shape and invite your children to see how the corners of cellophane overlap to make even more colors.
Submitted by Mindy
Bring in a real cactus and let your children look at it, and explore the cactus
Growing Corn
Submitted by Jackie
Put a small amount of popcorn and moist dirt in a ziploc bag. Tape these up to a window where they can get sunlight. Over time you can actually watch corn grow
One Hard Bite
Submitted by Jen
Talk to your children aobut how hard a crocodile can bite down. They will be amazed at the force that the mouth can create.
Mixing Color Bottle
Submitted by Tina
About Four days before needed or as a group, chop small portions of candle wax coloring put them in bable oil (it takes about 4 days to melt into the baby oil). Once the mixture is melted, color water using food coloring. Next add colored baby oil to the bottom 1/2 of the bottle and the colored water the the top 1/2. Seal the bottles and shake. The colors will mix and then separate again and again. Blue and Yelow Works really well
Alternate Method:
Color vegetable oil with powdered tempra and add to a water bottle. Color water with food coloring and pour into the bottle. Colors will mix to form secondary color when shaken, then separate again when undisturbed. Tip: Super glue the top onto bottle to prevent opening.
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