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Submitted by Lisa
Make a carnival in your classroom:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Submitted by Lori
Read the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs then let your children make their own weather service with pasta
Cloudy Bulletin Board
Submitted by Carol
Have your children cut out raindrops from paper. Next have them sponge paint these with blue paint while you cut out a large cloud shape from white butcher paper. Have them decorate the cloud with black handprints Hang this along with yellow lightning on your bulletin board. You can use a title like "We Are Fun Even On A Rainy Day"
Class Cookbook
Submitted by an Unkown Friend
Ask your parents to send a recipe from their grandparents as well as a picture (if no picture is available have the child draw one). Compile the recipes and give a cookbook to the parents.
Cactus Tasting
Submitted by Sarah
In the specialty section of your grocery store they should have cactus. Buy as many different kinds as you can and let your children taste what cactus tastes like.
The Color Book
Submitted by Michelle
Let your children create color books for each color of our rainbow. Have them bring magazines and cut out things with a certain color. Additionally you can have them draw items with the corresponding color.
Colorful Toast
Submitted by Susan
Pour milk into bowls for your children. Add different colors of food coloring to the milk. Give the kids paint brushes and cookie cutters. Let them paint the bread with colored milk and cut out their favorite shapes. When their done you can toast like usual.
Colorful Necklace
Submitted by Deb
Give each child a small pile of Fruit Loop cereal. Have your children sort the colors, then string them on a yarn necklace to wear and eat the rest of
Carnival Shapes Treat
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Using shaped cookie cutters make sandwiches, Jell-O, cookies, or other treat in the shape of carnival things.
Clothespin Snack
Submitted by Tina
Have your children use clothespins like chopsticks to eat snack.
"C" Snacks
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