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Yawning Yaks
Submitted by Paula
Five yaks yawned a lot (Sing Sleepily while Holding up Five fingers)
Time for bed believe it or not (Pretend to sleep by laying head on top of hands)
For your mother you must obey (Put Hands on Hips and Shake finger)
And when you get up, just yell....Yea (Jump up and yell)
Yickity-Yackity, Yickity-Yak
Submitted by Tawnya
Yickity-yackity, yickity-yak, the yak has a scriffily, scraffily back,
Some yaks are brown yaks and some yaks are black, yickity-yackity, yickity-yak.

Sniggildy-snaggildy, sniggildy-snag, the yak is all covered with shiggildy-shag;
He walks with a ziggildy-zaggildy-sag, sniggildy-snaggildy, sniggildy-snag.
Yellow Is The Color I See
Submitted by Tawnya
Yellow, Yellow is the color I see. If you are wearing Yellow then show it to me. Stand up, turn around. Show me your yellow then sit back down.
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