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Pumpkin Float
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
Have children guess whether or not a pumpkin will float. Give them a picture of a pumpkin to color and a picture of a bowl of water. Let them glue the pumpkin on top of the water if they think it will float or glue it at the bottom of the bowl if they think that it will sink. Create a graph. Them put the pumpkin in the water and let them observe the results.
Submitted by Annete
Go to a specialty store and by popcorn still on the ear. Put this on your sensory table along with un-popped popcorn and popped popcorn. Let your children see the differences!
Police Visitor
Submitted by Lori
Call your local police office and ask them if they could have someone come and talk to your class. Most offices will be more than happy to come
Air Popping Corn
Submitted by Tina
Put a large piece of paper on the floor. In the middle of the paper put an air popper (without the lid). Have you children stand back (it gets hot) and watch the popcorn fly out. After they see you can have it for snack.
Pet Food Analysis
Submitted by Ginger
Take a small amount of different kinds of pet food (dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit food) and place it into Ziploc baggies Let your children take turns looking at and feeling each baggie. Than talk about what kind of pet would eat this food. When the children identify them write the name of the animal and place a picture of it (or sticker) on it of one (ie picture of dog).
Penguins Don's Fly?
Submitted by Lisa
Talk to your children about how penguins do not fly, but can swim amazingly well.
Are You as Tall as a Penguin
Submitted by Janice
Get a life size penguin from your local school supply store and measure the kids against it to see if they are as tall as a penguin
Peace Makers
Submitted by Trish
Talk to your children about how they can be a peacemaker. Ask them about times that they got angry, mad, etc and someone helped them calm down. Then ask them if they would like to be a peacemaker.
Favorite Pet Graph
Submitted by Tina
Prepared a graph in which you print animals names (or pictures) on the bottom. At group time discuss pets and let the kids put a doggie bone (or other pet shape) for their favorite pet. This allows the kids to easily see which pets were favored and which pet was least favored.
Great Peace Keepers
Submitted by Nina
Talk to your children about great leaders that taught peace (Martin Luther King, Ghandi, etc) Tell them how their practices of peace accomplished much more than they could have by fighting.
Disappearing Water
Submitted by Lisa
Fill a measuring cup with water to a specific point. Then put pasta into the measuring cup. Let you children observe what happens and then talk about it with them
Pizza Pie
Submitted by Betty
Graph your class as a pizza pie. Graph by height, hair color, eye color, etc.
Edible Puppy Chow
Submitted by Dalene
Take 1 bag of chocolate chips, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of butter and melt it in a microwave. Pour a box of Chex cereal into the mix, stir until it is coated well, Finally add 1 bag of powered sugar, put in zip lock bag and shake till everything is coated well. Now you have edible puppy Chow!
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