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The Book Area is a center that is designed to allow your children to be able to explore books freely and openly. As in all centers the children are free to move from center to center to explore, manipulate, create, and work where interests take them.

Provide your children with several different types of books related to the subject and let them look at the pictures and read them (if they are old enough)

For added fun you can make your thier own class book and take turns reading it.

A Book Center Allows Your Children To:
preschool themesUse their eyes and Ears
preschool themesLearn of New and Exciting Things
preschool themesEnjoy Worlds they Would Otherwise Never See
preschool themesLearn that printed and written words have meaning
preschool themesMake New Friends
preschool themesLearn to Share
preschool themesLearn To Follow a Narrative Story