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Blizzard Board

Make a snowman with the class. Then give each of your children a precut snowflake and let them decorate it however they want. Write the children's name and favorite thing about winter on the snowflake. You can title the board something like "Brr feels like a Blizzard," "A Blizzard of friends," "Winter Frenzy," "Blizzard of Fun," etc.
Mrs. Walker Loves Us Snow Much!
Use a navy backround, and decorate with white hills, snowmen, and snowflakes. Have kids made a snowman using white(body), orange (nose), brown (arms), and black(details, hat) construction paper. These turn out so individual and adorable! Then have them make snowflakes by cutting folded paper. Finally, add your title: "Mrs. -- Loves You Snow Much!", or for a Christian school, you can say "Jesus Loves Us Snow Much!"
Sleds Away

Make a large hill on a white background. Give each child a sled cutout and let them draw themselves on the sled. Put the sleds on the hill and write the children's names and what they like about winter under it. You can use a title like "Sleds Away, "Sled Us Welcome You To Our Class," "Winter Fun," Etc.
Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Bulletin Boards
Submitted by Cindy
Winter bullentin board do cut snowflakes from edison dye add glue and silver glitter.make small snowmen deorate them with hats and scarfts add snow hills. Make a banner that says walking in a winter wonderland.