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Where Are You Going?
Cut out car shapes and give each of your children one. Let them decorate their car however they wish. Make roads on your bulletin board (black paper with white or yellow lines) and put your children's cars on them. Ask your children where they would like to go and then write that and their name under the car. Put a title of something like "Where Are You Going," "Going In The Right Direction," etc.
Preschool Bus

Create a large school bus and put photos (or drawings) of your children's heads (in the windows. Add your classes name or the teachers name to the side of the bus.
Floating Into Summer
Give each child a different boat shape (or as many different ones as you can find). Create an ocean for them to float on and then put them on the bulletin board. Use a title like "Floating into Summer," "Sailing Into Summer," etc.
Class Train

Have each child trace their hand (fingers together) and then design their hand as a train. Adding wheels, windows, etc. Next have them cut their hand trains out and put them all together under a heading like "Friendship Train," "Class Train," "Our Train," etc.