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What a Catch!!
Attach your children's pictures and fish cut outs to a net with the heading "What a Catch"
Made in the Shade!

Make a large sun with shades (like the coke sun) with the heading "Our Future's So Bright, We Have To Wear Shades" Underneath you can put pictures of the children in shades or have them draw pictures of themselves in the sun.
Summer Step

Create a summer scene for your bulletin board (bright sun, lazy clouds, green grass, etc.) Have your children put their footprints all over it. Title it something like: "Stepping into Summer," "The Summer Two Step," etc.
Up, Up and Away

Give each of your children a precut Hot Air Balloon shape and let them decorate it however they wish. Then write the child's name on the basket and a picture of them (or a drawing of themselves by your children) in the basket. Title the board something like "Up, Up and Away," Lifting Off To A Great Future," etc.
Summer Picnic Disaster

Have your children make 3D ants (3 cups from an egg carton painted and decorated) and then design a picnic scene on the bulletin board.
Floating Into Summer
Give each child a different boat shape (or as many different ones as you can find). Create an ocean for them to float on and then put them on the bulletin board. Use a title like "Floating into Summer," "Sailing Into Summer," etc.
Summer Fun
Give your children a two half ovals (one green one and a slightly smaller red one). Have watermelon for snack. Collect the seeds and wash them. Have your children put together their watermelons (gluing on seeds, and other designs). Finally, ask the children what their favorite thing about summer is and write it along the rind.