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Richer than Gold
Give each child a gold coin (circle from yellow paper). Have them draw a portrait of themselves on the coin. Put the coins in a block put shape with a heading like "More Precious Than Gold," "More Valuable Than Gold," "Richer than Gold," "One Rich Class," etc.
Collage Rainbow
Give your children magazines and let them cut out items corresponding with the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, violet, indigo, blue). As a class put all of these things together and from a great rainbow coming out of a pot of gold.
Put your children's pictures in the middle of shamrocks. Then ask your children what their favorite green things are and write them under their shamrock.
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Put a shamrock on a green pice of paper then have all the kids write their names (if they are able, if not use a picture) and then use the shamrocks for a boder on your bulletin board