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Muddy Prints

Have of your children put their footprints on a piece of paper. Put all of their footprints on a bulletin board with the titles: "Watch for Puddles," "April showers bring great Big Mud Puddles," etc.
Blooming Flowers
Make three-dimensional flowers. In the center of the flowers put a picture of each of your children. Put a caption such as "Watch as We Bloom," "Friendships are Blooming," etc.
Spring Tree
Create a tree on your bulletin board. Put a picture of each child on a leaf or cut the picture into a leaf shape. Help your children recognize their names by writing their name under their picture.
April Showers Bring May Flowers
Put your children in small groups (3-5) have them make a flower by using their hand prints around a center core. Then give each child a few raindrop shaped pieces of paper and let them color their raindrop. Finally, give each group a cloud and let them design it together. Put it all together on the board (flowers on bottom, Clouds on top, with rain coming from clouds) with the title "April Showers Bring May Flowers"
Growing Flowers
Have your children make large flowers. Put the child's picture inside their flower. Then make rain drops with different things that children need to grow written on them (ie love, food, support, etc.) Title the Board something like "We are Growing Big," "Rain Makes the Flowers Grow," "We Need Rain To Grow," etc.
Have your children tear color paper long ways. Have each of them glue together their own rainbow. Put them all together for a wonderful class rainbow.
Who Lives in the Forest?
Create a large tree or several trees on the board. Let your children create animals that live in and around the trees (squirrels, birds, insects, etc.)
Hands Tree
Have your children use various shades of green paint to press their hands in the shape of a treetop on a large piece of paper. Then add a trunk and hang on your bulletin board.
Spring Clothesline
Make a country spring seen on your bulletin board (picket fence, flower, and grass) Then have each of your children design their own spring clothes on paper. Hang all of these clothes on a clothesline (yarn with miniature clothespins) in your spring scene.
Collage Rainbow
Give your children magazines and let them cut out items corresponding with the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, violet, indigo, blue). As a class put all of these things together for a great rainbow
The Leaf Mural
Enlarge and print leaf patterns for each of your children (use as many different patterns as you can find) let your children sponge paint the leaves in various shades of green colors. Then put them on your bulletin board with the title "Welcome Spring"