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Richer than Gold
Give each child a gold coin (circle from yellow paper). Have them draw a portrait of themselves on the coin. Put the coins in a block put shape with a heading like "More Precious Than Gold," "More Valuable Than Gold," "Richer than Gold," "One Rich Class," etc.
Hands On
Put Each Child's hand print on your bulletin board with a title like "Lets Give Preschool a Hand," Preschool is a Hands On Experience," etc.
Up, Up and Away
Give each of your children a precut Hot Air Balloon shape and let them decorate it however they wish. Then write the child's name on the basket and a picture of them (or a drawing of themselves by your children) in the basket. Title the board something like "Up, Up and Away," Lifting Off To A Great Future," etc.
Picnic Disaster
Have your children make 3D ants (3 cups from an egg carton painted and decorated) and then design a picnic scene on the bulletin board.
Friendship Door
Make a large door on your bulletin board (or just cover your classroom door). Next give your children precut keys and let them decorate them however they wish. Write their names on the keys and put them on the board. You can title the board something like
"Open the door to Friendship," "My Friendship Door is Always Unlocked," "Unlock a Friend," etc.