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Hands Tree
Have your children use fall leave colors to press their hands in the shape of a treetop on a large piece of paper. Then add a trunk and hang on your bulletin board. >
Acorn Tree
Draw a tree branch coming from one side of your bulletin board. Give each child and acorn and let her decorate it. Have the acorns and leaves both attached and falling from the branch. On the ground put squirrels with all the teachers' names. Use a title like "Crazy for our Acorns," "Nuts about Fall," "Look What's FALLing," etc
The Leaf Mural
Enlarge and print leaf patterns for each of your children (use as many different patterns as you can find) let your children sponge paint the leaves in fall colors. Then put them on your bulletin board with the title "Welcome Fall" You can also put them in a tree shape with a few leaves falling down with the title "Falling into Autumn"
Friendly Scarecrow
On your board create a large scarecrow (with hay or grass sticking out). Then give each of your children a precut bird shape. Let them decorate their bird however they want. Then put all of their crows around the scarecrow.
Fall Tree
Create a tree on your bulletin board. Put a picture of each child on a leaf or cut the picture into a leaf shape. Help your children recognize their names by writing their name under their picture.
A Realistic Apple Tree
Make the tree trunk by cutting up brown paper bags and wrinkling them up and shape it by stapling it to the bulletin board. Then cut out paper apples and staple them on tree branches. Write your children's names on the apples.
Fallen Leaves
Submitted by Cindy
For decorating for fall. Take fresh fallen leaves and attach them to fishing line of different lengths. Attach the other end of the line to the ceiling with thumb tacks. It's a lot of work, but the children love their room.
Leaves Bulletin Boards
Submitted by Cindy
If you have access to a die cut of a leaf shape. Take the children picture and run it through the die cut. Then put a bare tree made out of construction paper and put it the middle of your bulletin board. Place the die cut pictures randomly falling from the tree. Use a header like "FALLING FOR (classname) KIDS"