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Up, Up and Away
Give each of your children a precut Hot Air Balloon shape and let them decorate it however they wish. Then write the child's name on the basket and a picture of them (or a drawing of themselves by your children) in the basket. Title the board something like "Up, Up and Away," Lifting Off To A Great Future," etc.
Richer than Gold
Give each child a gold coin (circle from yellow paper). Have them draw a portrait of themselves on the coin. Put the coins in a block put shape with a heading like "More Precious Than Gold," "More Valuable Than Gold," "Richer than Gold," "One Rich Class," etc.
Carrot Garden
Cut out one carrot shape for each child (make the carrot out of orange and the top out of green). Put a picture of each child at the top of the carrot but below the green top. Make your background half brown and half blue or green. Put the carrot tops coming out of the brown grown. Use a caption like "Growing Up Happy," "Growing in God's Love," "Growing Up Fast," "Our Class Garden," etc.
Preschool Bus
Create a large school bus and put photos (or drawings) of your children's heads (in the windows. Add your classes name or the teachers name to the side of the bus.
Class Train
Have each child trace their hand (fingers together) and then design their hand as a train. Adding wheels, windows, etc. Next have them cut their hand trains out and put them all together under a heading like "Friendship Train," "Class Train," "Our Train," etc.
We Are All One Class, Together
Get a large piece of paper and cut it out like a puzzle. Give each of your children a piece and let them draw themselves on the paper, and decorate it however they want. Put the puzzle back together on the bulletin board. You can put a heading like "We Fit Together", "We're One Together Class", etc.
One Honey Of A Class
Put the heading "One Honey Of A Class" on the board. Then make a large beehive and several bees. Either put your children's pictures as the head of the bees or write their names on bees.