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Dear Santa
In the center of your bulletin board put a picture of a reindeer or Santa. Give each of your children a piece of paper folded in half. Have them write or draw the list of gifts they want Santa to bring them.
Class Tree
Have the children put their handprints in the shape of a Christmas tree (fingers facing out and down) and then have them create ornaments and gift packages out of paper. You can then paste these on to create a great class Christmas tree board.
Blizzard Board
Make a snowman with the class. Then give each of your children a precut snowflake and let them decorate it however they want. Write the children's name and favorite thing about winter on the snowflake. You can title the board something like "Brr feels like a Blizzard," "A Blizzard of friends," "Winter Frenzy," "Blizzard of Fun," etc.