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What a Catch
Attach your children's pictures and fish cut outs to a net with the heading "What a Catch"
Who Is In The Tent
Create a tent for each child. Let them decorate Trace or precut a tent pattern (use large triangle shape, with tent stakes at corners) Let children decorate their tents. Next cut a slit in the tents (for a door) then place the tents on the board with pictures of your children (or drawings of themselves) behind the tent door.
Muddy Prints
Have of your children put their footprints on a piece of paper. Put all of their footprints on a bulletin board with the titles: "Watch for Puddles," "April showers bring great Big Mud Puddles," etc.
Picnic Disaster
Have your children make 3D ants (3 cups from an egg carton painted and decorated) and then design a picnic scene on the bulletin board.
Who's Tracks Are These?
A Great bulletin board for when you're studying the different footprints, "tracks" that animals make. Take a piece of paper and put each child's footprint on it. Then have your children cut out the footprint and write their name on the bottom of the footprint.
Summer Fun
Give your children a two half ovals (one green one and a slightly smaller red one). Have watermelon for snack. Collect the seeds and wash them. Have your children put together their watermelons (gluing on seeds, and other designs). Finally, ask the children what their favorite thing about summer is and write it along the rind.