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Tired of old boring borders, or just looking for some cheap ideas?
Try Some of the following:>

Use wide ribbon

Use Any Picture you have accumulated

Use flash cards

Use the pages from a daily calendar
Dates work great for birthdays
Can also use only pictures

Use Movie Ticket Stubs
For best results paste on another piece of paper and laminate
Can take a while to accumulate

Comic strips (from the Sunday paper)

If your old Border are old and faded don't throw them out Paint them

Use Play Money
Get it out of your old games
Also available cheap from dollar stores

Use postcards or greeting cards

Use Old Postage Stamps

Use Stickers

Use Fabric Strips
Can be laminated to make stiffer
Get parents to donate old cloth
Purchase out of season fabric at the store for real cheap

Use Wrapping Paper
Use backside and let children decorate background
Available Cheap after Christmas

Use Children's Pictures

Use Puzzle pieces

Larger puzzles work best.

Use bookmarks - They are available cheap from dollar stores
Plastic Table Cloth Bulletin Boards Back
Submitted by Gina
Have children cut out the letter "N" from a newspaper and paste it over the actual picture of a letter"n".