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Preschool Bus
Create a large school bus and put photos (or drawings) of your children's heads (in the windows. Add your classes name or the teachers name to the side of the bus.
Made in the Shade!
Make a large sun with shades (like the coke sun) with the heading "Our Future's So Bright, We Have To Wear Shades" Underneath you can put pictures of the children in shades or have them draw pictures of themselves in the sun.
Class Train
Have each child trace their hand (fingers together) and then design their hand as a train. Adding wheels, windows, etc. Next have them cut their hand trains out and put them all together under a heading like "Friendship Train," "Class Train," "Our Train," etc.
Cut pieces of paper (one for each child) to look like popcorn and put a picture of each of your children's heads on kernel. Next make a popcorn popper and put it on the board. Title the bored something like: "Just Popping By," "Look Who Popped In," etc.
We Are All One Class, Together
Get a large piece of paper and cut it out like a puzzle. Give each of your children a piece and let them draw themselves on the paper, and decorate it however they want. Put the puzzle back together on the bulletin board. You can put a heading like "We Fit Together", "We're One Together Class", etc.
All The Stars
Put a picture of each child on a star with a heading like "Welcome To All My Stars," "All Stars," "Superstars," etc. Alternatively you can write your children's name on their star.
One Honey Of A Class
Put the heading "One Honey Of A Class" on the board. Then make a large beehive and several bees. Either put your children's pictures as the head of the bees or write their names on bees.
What a Catch!!
Attach your children's pictures and fish cut outs to a net with the heading "What a Catch"
Blooming Flowers
Make three-dimensional flowers. In the center of the flowers put a picture of each of your children. Put a caption such as "Watch as Bloom," "Friendships are Blooming," etc.
Back To School Bulletin Boards
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Start out with black bulletin board paper. Add a brightly colored back-to- school border. With white chalk, write the words, "WELCOME TO __PK-3__". You can add words around it. For example...Your name, ABC's and 1,2,3's and maybe even the childrens names. Parents love walking into the classroom with this board.