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Who Lives in the Forest?
Create a large tree or several trees on the board. Let your children create animals that live in and around the trees (squirrels, birds, insects, etc.)
Who's Tracks Are These?
A Great bulletin board for when you're studying the different footprints, "tracks" that animals make. Take a piece of paper and put each child's footprint on it. Then have your children cut out the footprint and write their name on the bottom of the footprint.
Easter Eggs
Give each of your children a precut Easter egg shape and let them decorate it. Put a small picture of the child on the egg and use the title "Egg-straordinary Class" You can also put pictures of them laughing and use the title "You Crack Me Up"
Our Little Ocean
Create an underwater environment on your bulletin board (blue water, brown sand, and seaweed). Then have your children make different sea creatures (fish, octopus, jelly fist, starfish, crabs, etc.) and put them on the board. Title the board something like "Our Little Ocean," "Our Underwater Zoo," "Under the Sea," etc.