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My Favorite Things
Have your children bring in some of their favorite things and then take pictures of them (or have your parents bring pictures of their favorite things). Then create a bulletin board with the children's name and their favorite things.
Who Is In The Tent
Create a tent for each child. Let them decorate Trace or precut a tent pattern (use large triangle shape, with tent stakes at corners) Let children decorate their tents. Next cut a slit in the tents (for a door) then place the tents on the board with pictures of your children (or drawings of themselves) behind the tent door.
The All About Me Board
Fast Simple Board. Put a Picture of each of your children evenly spaces on the Board. Cut small strips of paper. Each day ask your children a different question (What is your favorite color, favorite song, food, etc.) and write it on the paper. Put the piece of paper under the child's name.
Who's Tracks Are These?
A Great bulletin board for when you're studying the different footprints, "tracks" that animals make. Take a piece of paper and put each child's footprint on it. Then have your children cut out the footprint and write their name on the bottom of the footprint.
Where Are You Going?
Cut out car shapes and give each of your children one. Let them decorate their car however they wish. Make roads on your bulletin board (black paper with white or yellow lines) and put your children's cars on them. Ask your children where they would like to go and then write that and their name under the car. Put a title of something like "Where Are You Going," "Going In The Right Direction," etc.
In big letters write the words We Are Thankful. With Thankful being the largest word. Then have you children cut out pictures out of magazines for the things they are thankful for. Then paste the pictures on the word thankful.
Class Train
Have each child trace their hand (fingers together) and then design their hand as a train. Adding wheels, windows, etc. Next have them cut their hand trains out and put them all together under a heading like "Friendship Train," "Class Train," "Our Train," etc.